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Making of My-self

Every person’s life is a book. If you don’t love your book, others dislike even to glance at it. Where do you keep it? Do you dump the book in a dark store room called lethargy and allow it to besiege by cobwebs of laziness and decompose by apathy? Or do you keep it clean and orderly and be proud of it.

To reach the peak of success, a person has to climb 100 steps. The first step is to know about his book i.e. strengths and weaknesses. Remaining 99 steps are not very significant. ‘Success’ has no full-stops, but commas only. Make success your hobby.

Open your book read it frequently. Study it deep. There are no better lessons than your experiences to learn from. You ideals, standards, principles and ethics are the chapters. Arrange them properly, underline the reminiscences, correct the mistakes and rectify blunders.

Think about the climax for your book. Climax is your future goal, either temporary or permanent. Include the 4 D’s – Desire, Determination, Dedication and Discipline to reach the final ‘D’ called destiny.

Goals are to be achieved in fields like education, career, finance, reputation, family, spirituality and so on. Keep pages clean for a better script, basing on the wisdom acquired through your past experiences and encounters.

Your personality is the multi-coloured cover page. Paint it with ‘smile’.

The word personality is derived from a Latin word called “Persona” that means “Mask”. The page make-up must be excellent. The preface for your book is ‘enthusiasm’. Enthusiasm discriminates humans with animals. Loosing zeal is the biggest defeat in life. Small thrills enthuse. Go on exploring new ideas to make life more interesting.

What is the latest crazy adventure did you do recently? Sleeping on the terrace on a full-moon day, playing foot ball with hands, calculating the speed of a moving ant with a stop-watch and scale, sending all your family members to a movie and cook for them, skipping in the kitchen, playing tabla in the midnight for few minutes… is it not amusing?

Life is taking pleasure in today, to work for a comfortable and more cheerful tomorrow. If your life is not ‘good’ today, it cannot be ‘better’ tomorrow. Remove the words like struggle, hard, bore etc from your dictionary.

And finally, how is your book being marketed? Do other people enjoy reading it or just turning away the pages? Do they like the values, beauty, time-sense, humour, kindness and above all… your company? That is your story base and the title of the book is “Making of My-self”.