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When Should You Fall In Love..

People say, you want another heart to recognise your smile, and a shoulder you cry. Thats why one should love...!

But if you look 2 inches down your left shoulder, you find the reason for your cry. Smash it and smile, the entire world starts loving you.

Give love. Dont expect it. It would come to you.


1. Target of love: Is it marriage oriented or just friendship? Normally 80% of first love, particularly that of girls, would be marriage oriented of which 50% does not end up there.

2. At what age one should fall in love? When you are ripe for marriage...! It is like selecting a car, which you are going to purchase after 5 years... Your tastes may differ when you are more matured...There can be new models by that time... Your opportunities may increase to select among various choices... Your financial status may increase so that you can afford a better car. (Many people do not agree with this theory arguing that love is not a mathematical equation. It just happens.

3. There are 2 reasons for a boy or a girl to fall in love before marriage. One is the body chemistry, which is physical. And another is psychological. Again there is a difference between the psychology of boy and girl in falling in love.

A boy feels its a sense of achievement winning a girl.

A girl falls in love because of the external influences like fiction novels and movies: I am not the heroine if I do not fall in love syndrome.

4. Girls who lack affection in the house, particularly by their fathers normally fall in love. Its a I am ok. But nobody in my house is o. k. feeling.

5. Falling in love, but still living with parents till your wings are strengthened and then fly off... Is it not a crime? Cheating them to spend their hard earned money on you and at the end, throwing the blame on them for not accepting your proposal?

6. If the other partner has some difficulty in immediate marriage, why not write down a M.O.U or have registered marriage?

7. In countries like Singapore, parents force the child to get married at the earliest by choosing a partner.

8. Take inspiration from love, and work hard with a smile, rather than making it an unproductive waste of time.

I asked a girl why you fall in love? She said, Thee is no big reason.
I have to walk a long distance from the bus stop to my house. By talking in cell phone while walking I can forget my fatigue

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