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Smile please

Why we forget to smile? Here is an example. You are already late by ten minutes to catch the train. You compel the auto driver to steer it fast. With every red light signal your blood pressure increases. You curse the vehicles crawling before you for not giving the way. And suddenly there is a traffic jam. Your heartbeat stops for a while. Somehow you manage to reach station just one minute before the departure time. Unmindful of receiving the change from the auto driver, you run to the platform carrying your heavy baggage.... just to know that the train is delayed for an hour due to technical reasons. You curse yourself. Now you don’t know how to spend the time. The retiring rooms are full. You want to have a coke and reach out for your purse and traumatized. In a hurry to catch the train, you have forgotten it. The burning sensation in your stomach due to sudden release of acids irritates you further. You are desperate to contact a friend who stays nearby your house. He assures you to bring your purse. But your happiness is short lived as the time tickles. There is no trace of your friend. There comes the announcement of the arrival of the train. You are desperate.

The three virtues:

You would have avoided all the miseries had you started half an hour early (Time scheduling), kept every required article for the journey in advance (prerequisite prudence) and enquired about the time of arrival of the train (forthought). Scheduling, preparation and prudence play important role in our day-to-day life. A student ceases to smile as the exams approach. Had he started his studies two months in advance, or allotted ten minutes more time every day, from the beginning for his studies, he would have been more relaxed. Urgency is the first enemy to smile. Unfortunately it is our greatest addiction. Frustration is embedded in doing something that you don’t really want to do. Most frustrations usually stems from mistakes, errors or losses. Searching for the root cause of the problem when you feel frustrated is essential to end your confusion. Hence the word ‘education’ is derived from the Latin word ‘educe’, which means, ‘Know yourself’. Releasing frustrations Sports and other physical activities can be great ways to relieve stress, frustration, and other emotions. When you feel frustrated or angry it’s a good idea to release those feelings by expressing your-self physically or emotionally in a healthy way. Never share your frustrations with others, unless they are professionals or friends who can understand your problem. Eighty percent of people do not bother about your problems. The remaining enjoys listening to it. You are bound to do mistakes under tension and frustration. Here is a famous test. Try to find out how many ‘F’ are there in the following sentence.


There are eight Fs in the sentence. If you could not find them, relax and recount. This is what we advise to the students when they go to exams. Don’t talk with anybody one hour before starting, smile while receiving the question paper, take a deep breath, forget about everything except the subject and start answering the paper. An industrialist made a surprise visit to his factory situated at the outskirts. He found a worker sleeping at the go-down entrance. Annoyed he asked how much was his present salary. ‘Thousand’ replied the worker. The owner threw two thousands at him and yelled, “don’t show your face from now. Get out. You are dismissed”. After his departure, he turned towards his manager, who was looking confused hitherto, and enquired ‘Since how many years he is working with us?’“ He is not working with us sir. He is a delivery boy” obediently replied the manager.

-written for THE HINDU