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A thought-provoking interaction

"Are you a bachelor or unmarried?" is the question from Yandamoori Veerendranath. Pat comes the reply from a college-going group: 'Un-married' and some say 'bachelor'. Without going into the finer details of definitions of both words, broadly they mean that a person is not married. Then why different replies are given?

It's a test to know how attentive people are, says Mr.Veerendranath. The noted novelist and personality development expert conducted an interactive session here on Sunday for a group of people drawn from different cross-sections of society. The programme was organised by Positive Thinkers Club marking the World Positive Action Day Celebrations.

To another query from the writer as to why students were studying, the response was stoic silence.

He had to identify individual students to come up with replies. And, finally, he summed up all the responses.

Improving personality

Shooting another salvo, he asked: "Where do girls and boys meet in private in your city?" The gathering responded in unison: 'Rajiv Park' and the meeting hall reverberated with the laughter of one and all.

Narrating how a boyfriend would persuade his sweet-heart to stay for some more time, even as the latter desired to leave as she was getting late, Mr.Veerendranath came up with another question: "If God suddenly appears and tells the couple that I have to take away either of you. It's a must. What will they do?" Girls were quick to say: "The boy would ask the God take away the girl," and the response from the boys is anybody's guess.

Driving home the point that every person loves himself/herself more than anything on the earth and every person needed a brand, Mr. Veerendranath came up with four points that would enhance the personality of an individual and provide happiness.

A person required base to gain reputation, reputation to achieve, achievement for enhancing the net worth and net worth for reaping dividends (BRAND - Base, Reputation, Achievement and Dividend).

The more the net worth was gained, the more would be the base, he said.


During the hour-long lively interaction, almost all members in the crowd were participating actively. Every one failed to respond to his brain-teaser on concentration. He asked all to clap after he completed saying "your time starts now. 7 clap. But, when he infused a few words into the statement or shouted 'SIX' loudly, people clapped and enjoyed the fun at their own cost. He encouraged youngsters by gifting them with books authored by him.