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“Our child reads well, but does not remember”, is the complaint that parents often make about their children. Ask the child certain simple questions: who is the heroine of kushi? The answer comes fast: Bhoomika… From which film is the song … Bhum Bhum Bole…? The child quickly and promptly replies Indra. He remembers the Valentine’s Day, but not the ‘Mother’s day’. Why? To know the reason, we should understand the ‘Permanent Bond Theory’ of Neurons. . The difference between a normal brain and Einstein’s brain is that the latter has many useful permanent neuron bonds. It does not mean that Einstein never forgets but he knows what he should remember. For many people the case is reverse.

There are more than thousand million neurons in our brain. When a child acquaints with a new concept, a ‘firing’ takes place among some neurons. It is called a Bond. The more repeated the firing is, the stronger the bond is. This is called punascharana (Recapitulating). A child forgets the important subject matter because lot of unnecessary pulp is being fired in his brain. The best example is TV. It is always advisable to ask the child to go to bed immediately, without allowing him to watch T.V, even for ten minutes AFTER completion of his studies. The bonds dismantle. Same way, instead of gossiping at the bedtime, the child should be asked to close his eyes and recollect what is read/taught during the day. The Electro - magnetic pathways are more peaceful during sleep, to make the Bonds stronger. This is the reason why a child who thinks/talks about kushi and indra during bedtime remembers them even after ten years.

Sometimes a child, for fear of being punished, does not raise his doubts. Then slowly he develops disinterest in that particular subject. That is the reason why a student who is good till certain class, goes down in his rankings at a later stage. This is called BLIND WINDOW. To overcome this, parents (preferably father) should, at least once a week, sit with the child and know what is happening with his studies. After all, child is the best investment.