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Interest And Desire

Spare five minutes watching an ardent fan sitting beside you when you are in a movie on the first day first show. He is not bothered about the surrounding sounds. He is totally unconscious of about your touch also. You can find his mouth half-open while watching the movie.

There are five sensory organs, eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin. The ardent fan is watching his hero’s movie with ALL his five sensory organs, including his tongue. There is a Telugu saying norellabettukuni choodaku (do not wide open your mouth while watching). Because he sees the movie with such an immense engrossment, he remembers it for years. This is ‘interest’. Desire is different from interest. Let us take an example of a student who wants to become a doctor or an engineer. To reach his goal, he must have interest in science or mathematics. Simple desire to become a professional does not help.

Let us recollect an anecdote in Mahabharatha, wherein Dronacharya conducts a test for Arjuna and Duryodhana. Arjuna says nothing is visible to him except his target i.e., the bird’s eye. That’s why he could become one of the best archers in the world. But in the present competitive world, it is not enough if you are on of the best. There are many ‘Bests’. One should become ‘Best of the best’. If a modern Arjuna is asked, “What are you looking at?” his ears must refuse to listen. His skin also must not respond to touch. That is real concentration.

Concentration comes through interest. A student is wasting 18 years of his youth, if he considers his education as an inevitable responsibility, thrust on him by his parents. “Work hard. You will come up in life” is a negative suggestion, normally given by the parents to their children, which must be avoided. One should live WITH satisfaction, not FOR satisfaction.