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Why To Study?

My lecture to the young college students on The Art of studying started with a question as under:

“Let us suppose you are on a ship called Titanic. It’s sinking. As there is no heroine/hero, you need not wait nor sacrifice for anybody (smiles). You start swimming and land up on an island. You find it gorgeous with waterfalls, mountains, rivers, peacocks, and what not. There are no snakes, no scorpions, and no anaconda. If you are a vegetarian, you have varieties of fruit to eat and if you are a non-vegetarian you can have the feast of Rabbit – 65 or Deer – Manchuria (smiles). If you believe that we labour hard through out our life for food and security, both are available in plenty there without one having to work. Now give me your option. Will you stay there or come back?”

After a brief silence, when everybody is prepared to opt for the second option, a student hesitatingly replied, “I prefer staying there”. Asked for the reason, he said that he fancied living in peace throughout his life. ‘Are you married?’ I questioned him. When he said ‘no’, I joked, “Then why there is no peace in your life?” The class burst into laughter.

After launching the class on a lighter vein, I prompted them to identify the reasons that motivated them to come back. For their age, it is not an easy question to answer immediately but they arrived at three main aspects that magnetize them towards the existing world, Love, Comforts, and Recognition. I add one more to it. Medicines (Health).

According to our ancient philosophy a person should acquire six qualities in his life. They are called Shadguna Aiswarya. The above are four of them. The other two are Courage and Spirituality. If an animal accidentally lands on such an island described above, it considers it-self most fortunate. But a man does not. He wants the Shadguna Aiswaryas. Education is the basic and fundamental step to acquire them.