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Latha received an overseas midnight call from her husband, “Listen carefully and don’t panic. I wanted to manage from here but could not. We took a loan on joint name and could not pay it in time. The creditor is coming to you tomorrow along with police. To pay him, I arranged cash from my sister. She had already started by car. Just handover the cash to him and the matter is settled”.

She spent the entire night sleepless. It was nearing ten and she was shivering as her sister-in-law did not turn up. The police came. Amidst neighbours’ curious looks they took her in their van. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to die.

Within few minutes her sister-in-law reached police station with cash and settled the matter. Coming out, she wanted to explain reasons for the delay, but Latha shouted, “Never ever talk to me. I will settle this with my husband” and left the place crying.

The fact was that the lady met with an accident midway. Phone was not available. Police were to book a case against her for carrying huge amount of unaccounted cash. Fortunately she knew a higher official and came out of the crisis. She drove entire night, took all the pains to reach in time but could not. But Latha was not in a mood to listen to the explanation.


Anger is not an action but our reaction to other’s action that again depends on what mood we are in. Let us look into the above example differently.

Latha was relieved as her husband informed in the early morning that the matter was amicably settled and the creditor would not turn up. On the other side, her sister-in-law did not take the matter seriously, took rest midway, refreshed in a hotel, had a breakfast leisurely and arrived late in the afternoon.

She excused herself and about to explain the reasons for delay, but Latha said, “Forget about it darling. Thank you very much for driving the entire night”.

This example reflects how our frame of mind plays on our behaviour and thinking process. If you are a student, keep your temper calm, composed and peaceful before night studies. Don’t involve in heated arguments and irritating discussions prior to your exams. Avoid fear of failure and tension.