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Bonds Of Love

Last week we were discussing about strengthening the bonds of relationships. There are five types of viruses that make a relationship unhealthy: anger, misunderstanding, jealousy, stubbornness and inflexibility. More dangerous bacteria to destroy a good rapport are: money and selfishness.

Having someone worried ‘where you are’ when you don't come home at night, is a very basic human need. In the initial days of marriage, criticism and counter-arguments destroy the flavour of companionship. Words can construct either bridges or walls. The first lesson to be known in any relationship is: the fault you see in your companion is a denied weakness of yours.

The bondage between the couple for first few days is desire and infatuation. With proper understanding, the intimacy transforms into affection and if stays with the same intensity till the end, it is real ‘love’. Otherwise it would become an adjustment to live together.

Durgabai Deshmukh once said, “When we were playing with my father, my mother came out to say, ‘you are destroying the grass’ and my father replied, “We are raising kids, not the grass.”

It is easy to construct a house, but difficult to build a home. If the atmosphere at the house is healthy, wherein the mother is caring, father is friendly, brothers and sisters are affectionate; teenagers don’t hasten for outside undesirable love.

Are you a good friend?

“Some people touch our lives to leave a mark in our hearts and we are never ever the same” said a philosopher. Other than watching movies, gossiping and arguing, think whether any of your associates has been benefited by your friendship? Could you influence any friend to come out of a bad habit or change for a better future or concentrate more on studies?

Of all the bonds, your relationship with you is of prime importance. Develop the habit of enjoying a stage play or a live match or a paint exhibition. Your relationship with nature, birds and plants keep you young and mentally healthy.

Same way, your affiliation with the society is also as important as your bondage with friends. Never forget your responsibility to the society and don’t lose your logical senses. The agitating leader with selfish mottos encourages you to break the glass windows of buses. When government increases the fares to realise the losses, he calls on you to break the glasses again. Introspect whether you want to be a constructor or destroyer.