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Are you expecting the society to change for you?Some writers are optimistic that a revolutionary change         would take place soon and everybody in the world will have equal opportunities and financial equality.

They imagine a balanced society, wherein the gap between the rich and poor are eliminated, the corrupt are punished and the hard working are rewarded.

They have been propagating this utopian theory since ages but nothing much has happened and the society continued to be the same. Intellectuals, skilled workers, inventors and scholars expect more rewards than ordinary people.

Hence the imbalance continues to exist. Of course, mafia and few do-for-nothing politicians also fall in the elite rich group but that is not the matter for our discussion.

Intelligent people do not wait for the system to change to uplift them. Instead,&nbsp;<em>they change</em>&nbsp;according to the prevailing system. This is the essence of this chapter. Before going into details, let us go through a story that appears to be amusing, funny and fictitious, but the undercurrent is something worth thinking and based on pure economics.&nbsp;


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